King 250

The minimum size of Automatic Warehouse is 12 mx 12 m, and it  is modular and extensible, both in length and in width.

Each pallet has a thickness of 35 cm, with 25 cm useful area for the storage of packs of plates; which allows to accommodate PACKS of 12 cm 2 plates, PACKS of 8 sheets of 3 cm, PACKS of 6 plates 4, etc.. The maximum size of the slabs can be hosted is 3.4 m (length) by 2.4 m (height).

The efficiency of storage depends on  the thickness of the plates stored. For example, for 2 cm slabs, you have 30 square meters of marble stored for each square meter of warehouse space. For  3 cm slabs  efficiency is 20 square meters of marble stored for each square meter of warehouse space and 15 square meters for 4 cm slabs.

The fully automated handling and storage take place at ground level, without the use of a bridge crane, ensuring maximum safety for operators.
The moving parts have been sized and tested to ensure functionality over time with limited scheduled maintenance.


  • Packs of 25 cm total
  • 12 sheets of 2 cm in each pack
  • 8 sheets of 3 cm on each package
  • energy certification: only 6 kw
  • high storage capacity per meter of square surface 
  • 1,450 square meters of 2 cm material in  20 square meters
  • fully automated
  • stocks are ordered and mapped
  • automatic safety system handling
  • high density loading
  • movimetazione compatible with marble, granite and stone
  • scalable to taste
  • adjustable in length and largheezza according to customer's requirements
  • adaptable to any situation of existing pavement
  • it requires no maintenance starordinaria
  • it does not require frequent replacement of components
  • with parking system for crossing